Our Services

At Savage Trailers, we offer a variety of services.


We repair all types of trailers. Welding, repair of axles, brakes, etc. If a part can’t be repaired, we will replace it.


Uou need to add an option to your trailer? No problem, visit us or call us for an appointment.

Mechanical improvement

We can improve your trailer. Lubrication, parts replacement, etc.


You want to maintain your trailer? Changing parts, lubrication, cleaning, etc.


We can inspect your trailer, and we’ll make sure that you comply with road regulations.

Selling parts

We sell all kinds of parts for your trailer.


Possibility of financing by an agency to whom you will be referred. For more information “Contact Us”.


Savage Trailers is recognized for its know how in the design of customized trailers. Whatever your need, we always have a solution for you. “Click Here” for the customized section.

Savage warranty

Ten (10) years warranty from date of purchase on aluminum structure and welding (conditionally to non-abusive use from owner).

Five (5) years warranty from date of purchase on the 12 volts electrical wiring.»

( Savage Trailers Inc. will determine if the product was abused in any way. This warranty is applicable for initial owner only.)

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